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At Xcludom, our web design expert team comprises of web programmers, designers, developers, graphic designers and animation experts giving us the capability to deliver to you just any design or feature that you desire. Web design options include eCommerce sites, Content Management Systems (CMS), blogs, forums and many more.
To start, send an email to sales@xcludom.com today or fill out our "Quote Request" form to receive a free quote. Our design experts will recommend a solution tailored to suit your needs.



Content Management Systems (CMS)

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Content management system or simply CMS refers to a platform that enables users to just submit details to a website. For instance, if you submit a comment on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, then you use sort sort of CMS. With advents in technology, it is now simple to apply CMS. When such as system is installed, you'll not have to alter the server whenever you need to alter the content of your website. As a result, this has significantly influenced the manner in which web design is arranged.

There are certain typical CMS offered in the industry out there. Some of the most widely used CMS applications include Magento, osCommerce, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Such standard systems may be incorporated in your site, subject to the kind of site you have plus the requirements of your business, you can utilize the services provided by our professionals to develop a highly individualized CMS. This may be designed later on or developed as per the requirements of the business.


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